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Welcome to GES, Green Environmental Solutions! Within our site you will find out how the Fitch Fuel Catalyst works, what it can do for you and your company,which type of unit you would need, and the warranted life of the unit you purchase. We have included test data from other users of Fitch products as well as the testimonials about individual results and experiences other customers have achieved.We at GES believe that by using Fitch Fuel Catalyst your company will save money,reduce operating cost and increase longevity.

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Bus Projects

Currently we have 3 commercial FHD units being long term tested on 3 travel buses.The company is a major bus company in Bosnia and is looking to save greatly on their fuel usage and to reduce emissions. Reduced emissions is one of the great advantages when using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst, as poor quality fuel is a major factor in poor emissions and fuel consumption.The savings benefit fleet-wide for this company alone could be in the millions of dollars alone during the life of 800,000 kilometers. The other benefit is the reduced maintenance intervals, lower emissions and being a Green company.

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Current Project

We just recently installed a Fitch Heating Oil Catalyst on a commercial boiler, being used in a fuel station.
The unit was installed and after only 15 minutes of run time ,the stack temperature went up by over 20C . This translated to a 15-20 % fuel savings after the boiler was adjusted to take advantage of the increased fuel performance. The saving are only preliminary and after the boiler has had a week to self-clean the carbon out of the heat exchanger. We will return to make final inspection , make any adjustments, record the data of fuel usage and record the emissions data of the boiler.

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Recent Works